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Would you like to contribute an article to Goggle Swim? That’s great. We happily welcome you as one of the guest bloggers to our team.

Become a contributor to a well-managed bog will enhance and showcase it to the world.

We are some simple consideration for our contributors. Read the guidelines carefully before pitching us.

Guest post guidelines:


  •    Send your idea or topic to us. We only accept articles that are related to our blog.
  •    After your pitch accepted, you can start writing your article. If we did not accept then contact us with different idea or topic.
  •    Your article should be in 500 – 1200 words long. Don’t write more 1200 words because it will make the readers bored.
  •    Your article should be original (No PLAGIARISM and COPY PASTE) and it should be understandable to all of our readers.

High-quality Images

Add attractive and admissible images. You can add it to the article itself.

Author’s Bio

Add an author’s bio I the bottom of the article. Try to make it within five lines. You can add a link to your blog here.


  •    We offer two backlinks including a link in author’s bio.
  •    Another link in the article must be relevant to the article.
  •    If we found any promotional, irrelevant and affiliate then it will be removed by our editing team. Then you will get only one link at last. So carefully add external links.

If your article has above features then it will be published on our blog within a day. We will let you know with the live URL of your article.

We are happy to hear from you! See you soon!